Continuous Blending Technolgy

FRIGMAIRES is proud to deliver FECB solutions mentioned below, which perfectly meets the modern lubricant/coolant manufacturer's needs. In our company you will find a reliable partner for a wide range of applications from upgrading existing blending plants to creating new production infrastructure with unique return on investment, margin, flexibility of production and the highest economic efficiency.

The present lubricant market puts a more and more stringent requirements on the product quality. The constant increase of specialized oil types and complexity of its formulations requires high flexibility and quality of production from manufacturers as well as constant operational cost reduction to have competitive advantages, best service and prices.

Taking into consideration the requirements mentioned above FECB presents to your attention innovative equipment for the production of lubricants and lubricating fluids (coolants, Brake fluids, Industrial oils, etc). Years of R&D in close cooperation with lubricants manufacturers, engineering and prototyping process we have developed an innovative technology of cold blending (FECB), which has sufficient benefits to the end user, delivers significant return on capital employed and a return on investment (ROI) in a very short period. FECB allows improving the performance of blending plants as well as save money for its owners.

The FECB technology allows making «just-in-time» production and delivery of exact volume and specification of products with significant operational cost reduction that allows manufacturer to have more attractive price/margin for finished products.


FECB Jet - For today's market this module is the most advanced solution of our company. It has been created with the aim to make modernization of blending plant as simple as possible. The module can be installed outside of the blending reactor that makes modernization very easy and flexible.

Frigmaires recommends using FECB Jet module for fast and easy modernization of classic ABB (Automatic Batch Blender) in order to Increase productivity and cost savings in the production of lubricants and coolants with minimal capital investment. Also it is suitable for modernization of existing installations of In-Line Blending (ILB) and/or Simultaneous Metered Blending (SMB) with FECB Jet, that 100% guarantees the finished product at the output.

The module includes:

  • FECB Jet.
  • Gear pump with Motor (11 kW).
  • Electronic console.
  • Software to control process of Production.


The advantages of using FECB Jet for modernization purposes contain all features listed above for FECB technology. Below you can find estimated calculations, showing comparison between ABB + FECB and ABB

Table 1. Efficiency advantages estimation within 300 working days.
Classic ABB ABB + FECB Jet
Shift, h 8
Vessel, MT 5
Filling time (h) 0,5
Discharge time (h) 0,5
Blending time (h) 2 0,17
Hours per batch 3 1,17
Batches/shift 2 6
Production, MT/shift 10 30
Annual cap. (MT) 3000 9000

Modernization on base of FECB Jet provides cost cutting by reduction of energy consumption during the process. Calculation of savings in case of usage steam for heating listed in Table 2.

Table 2. Steam and electricity savings estimation
(CEE zone, av. ambient temperature 15-20 C, 300 working days) Classic
Classic ABB ABB with FECB Jet
Vessel, MT 5
Electricity costs, $/Batch $3,71 $1,48
Steam costs, $/Batch $17,59 $0,00
Total savings, $/Batch $- - - $19,82
Production plan, MT/Year 5000
Annual savings, $ $19 820


The advantages of using FECB technology:
  • Reduces electricity costs up to 90%.
  • Reduces heating cost of raw materials during the blending process to Zero.
  • Reducing Inventories of Raw Materials.
  • Reducing blending time due to high production capacity up to 30 MT/h.
  • Reduced manpower
  • High quality of lubricants due to superior level of homogenization.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • High production flexibility – small (<5MT), big (>5MT) batches on the same line.
  • Finished product on outlet, means no need for re-blending.
  • No moving parts, no mechanical destruction.
  • CAPEX savings.

FECB technology with participation Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory (PPTL) is one of the most modern testing laboratories having an up-to-date testing, controlling and measuring tools.

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