Lab Grease Plant


The Kettle is fabricated out of graded quality steel and fitted with a jacket for heating & cooling complete with Inlet, outlet and drain fittings. Temp gauges are provided on the Kettle for monitoring the temp of the grease at different stages of the manufacturing process. The bottom is dished type and fitted with a flush bottom discharge valve and one drain valve ball type for sample removing, testing and checking. The agitator assembly consists of a duplex designed system where shafts fitted with agitators thoroughly blend the grease as well as move the entire mass. Scrapers are provided at the sides and bottom of the agitator assembly.
The drive consists of a 3 HP 3ph 415V electric motor coupled to a heavy duty gear box by couplings. The output shaft of the gearbox is coupled to a stool housing complete with bearings, oil seals and gland packing's. The entire drive assembly is mounted on a sturdy frame structure. The top cover is dished and flanged to the shell. The kettle is suitable for withstanding a working pressure of 4 Bar and temperature of 300°C. A bolted hinged type cover to facilitate charging of solids is provided along with 2 nos flanges for charging of base oils and additives. A pressure gauge,temp gauge and safety valve is provided on the top cover for monitoring process parameters. The Kettle is duly insulated with rock wool and cladded with GI sheets.


Heaters are fitted on the jacket and provided with a thermostat. The heaters are connected to the control panel and provided with sensors for monitoring and controlling the process temperature. The heaters are of 12 Kw and are oil immersion heaters suitable for heating of thermic oils.


Toothed Colloid Mill suitable for fine grinding, dispersing and homogenizing in one single operation. The Mill consists of a SS304 assembled housing inside, which is fitted 3 stages Toothed Rotor and Stator grinding elements. The material is fed through the flanged connection and is forced to Shearing, Dispersing, and Mixing & Homogenizing action. The rate and degree of the above process can be finely controlled during operation by adjusting the gap between the rotor & stator by means of two levers provided. All rotating parts are balanced and well lubricated for trouble free operation. The shaft is installed in a leak proof housing complete with bearings, —0— rings and oil seals. The electric motor provided is of 3 HP, 3 Ph 50 cycles, 400 / 440 V, 3000 RPM.


A SS 304 jacket completes with inlet and outlet connections is provided to cool the grinding chamber, which subsequently cools the product.


Feed Pump Comprising of a 2 HP, 3 Ph, 415 V, electric Motor driving a specially designed gear pump with base frame and couplings is provided.


A basket online filter fitted with a 200 micron reinforced mesh screen is provided for filtering the incoming grease to the mill. The screen is removable and replicable.


The plant is mounted on a steel fabricated skid, which is to be grouted to a leveled concrete foundation.


Totally enclosed, dust and vermin proof, IP 54 protection Motor control center to operate all electrical motors and fittings. The panel is complete with voltmeter, temp indicator and controller, amp meter, indicating lamps, safety features, emergency stop, internal wiring, on off switches etc. The panel is duly powder coated and provided with lock and key.


Complete sch 40 pipelines, flanges, fasteners and gaskets are provided to complete the system from heating, cooling, day tanks, kettles right up to filling system. The pipelines will all be insulated and provided with supports where applicable. All piping material will be provided within the battery limits. Piping from base oil storage tanks up to Kettle to be provided by client.


Ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, flush bottom values with gaskets and fasteners are provided for the complete system. All valves will be provided within the battery limits. Valves are of C.S. construction. Valves from base oil storage tanks up to Kettle to be provided by client.


Consisting of a S.S. cooling coil inside which the hot oil is circulated. The coils are mounted on a frame structure enclosed inside a cooling tower supplied along with GI louvers made out GI sheets. A cold water pipe header provided with gunmetal spray nozzles is mounted on top of the coils so as to spray water and cool the coils.
The entire assemble is provided with a 200 Ltr FRP tank basin complete with a 1 HP mono block pump and expansion tank.