Transformer Oil



SCOPE : Dehydrated Suitable Group II Base Oil (H 70) or equivalent mixed with a special type of additive made in same Lube Base Oil medium will be used as the input for the skid mounted facilities consisting of various equipments / facilities for the operation of all these facilities would be duly integrated through a common control panel.

The rated capacity of facilities to be provided by us for online production of Transformer oil.

It is intended that Transformer Oil will be processed & manufactured at above plant from mineral oils mixed with additives after due heating by thermic heating system ( Base oil of 650C will be provided by you through your thermic heating system at the inlet of process tank to process the oil for dehydration and fullers earth treatment) through fullers" earth based Column and then process for de-hydration and filtration system. Transformer oil so produced will meet the specification meeting the requirements as per BIS 335, 1993.

Basic material of constructions for tanks / vessels used for processing / manufacturing of Transformer Oil by skid mounted facilities is considered MS and the same for working parts of valves will be of SS as applicable. All valves will be manual operated and installed at normal / easy operational height.

The filtration media for treatment of mineral oil mixed with additives will be "fuller's earth" based granules. All utilities viz. power, steam & compressed air will be made available by buyer at site for us for tapping to connect to our facilities free of cost. Provided erection & commissioning work in our scope.

The facilities to be supplied by us will be under warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of delivery whichever is earlier.


  • The manufacturing operation consists of adsorbent column, degassing chamber filtration with specially designed filters at various stages, operations under vacuum for de-hydration / de-gassing , circulation of oil in the homogenizing tank for uniform quality, etc.
  • The proposed manufacturing plant will be designed as per IS: 6034, 1989 standards with latest modification / revision and suitable for high vacuum and low temperature of oil operation wherever required having all components of adequate strength and rigidity withstand normal conditions of handling and transportation.
  • The plant with skid mounted facilities will have inlet and outlet points with separate flow control valves. The plant will be of capacity of 2 KL/hr. rated for continuous operation having built-in dust-proof, control panel, annunciation system, fault indication with various inter-locking systems, display type temperature indicator, ammeter, volt meter, flow meter. Control panel will have accessibility at front for operating. The unit will be fitted with all safety devices for the following:

Positive displacement type rotary gear pump with drive motor(coupled type)with suitable capacity will be provided. The rotary gear pump duly tested for vacuum / continuous trouble-free operation with automatic protection against excess pressure. Inter lock arrangements with inlet pumps and high level float switch will be provided to avoid excessive rise of oil content in the de-gassing chamber. Likewise interlock arrangement with Discharge pump and low level float switch will be provided to avoid dry running of discharge pump.

Flow control valve across the inlet gear pump for adjustment of flow rates.

Non return valve at the inlet of oil gear pumps and discharge side of outlet pump will be provided to stop the mixing of oil in case of power failure.

To be provided with pressure relief valves, drain valves, dial type temperature gauges, etc.

Two number dial type thermometer to indicate temperature of inlet & outlet of heater.

Four stage filtrations

  •     Preliminary filter cum magnetic strainer,
  •     Filter press,
  •     Bag filter,
  •     Micro filter.
  •     Polishing filter
  •     Preliminary filter with magnetic strainer will hold magnetic particles and other particles of size 1 mm     above and will have facilities to clean the strainer without dismantling the filter housing from the pipeline.
  •     Filter press: MS tanks having easily replaceable paper filters held between metal dishes suitable to remove     particles above 20 micron size from incoming oil and provided with drain valves.
  •    Bag filters: These filters will be provided with pressure gauges, drain valves and suitable bypass system.
  •     Micro Filters: Non-hygroscopic easily replaceable cartridge filters of 1 micron rating to hold large dust     particles, placed in housing vessels with pressure / vacuum gauges/ drain valves / air vents, etc. and suitable     for high vacuum / pressure application.
  •     Polishing filter : Non hygroscopic easily replaceable, cartridge type, placed in housing vessels with     pressure/vacuum gauges/ air vents etc will be provided for good quality of processed oil.

Oil sealed rotary type single stage vent vacuum pump suitable for achieving aimed vacuum level of less than 1 torn


During 2nd stage vacuum, a twin lobo type mechanical booster pump (ROOTS PUMP) will be provided with high suction capacity. In this pump, two identically cocoon shaped rotors rotate maintaining very small clearance with the casing and thereby exhausts the water vapor, dissolved gases, moisture withdrawn from the de-gassing chamber to the backing pump.

CAPACITY : 150 M3 /HR.,

  •     To remove dissolved gases and moisture content from the oil.
  •     MS welded construction of 5mm thick plate having rasching rings of suitable size sufficient to form a thick
         filling of oil and facilitate easy on-line removal of dissolved gases and moisture at the required flow of oil
         and provided with side-glass / illuminating lamp for observation of oil flow.
  •     - The facility will have one float type of level switch to prevent excess rise of oil level in the chamber, duly
          inter¬locked with inlet pump and another float type level switch for the low level of oil in the chamber
         duly inter¬locked with discharge pump to prevent its dry running.
  •     - This will be operated under vacuum and the facility will be provided with the following components:-
  •     Discharge pump — centrifugal type with inter-lock arrangements
  •     Oil inlet/ outlet valves, NRV at outlet, solenoid valves, oil sampling valve, air-inlet valve, pressure and
        temperature gauges and necessary instruments, vacuum gauge, etc.


  •     Siemens/ ABB / any reputed make conforming to IS:325
  •     Independent drives for oil discharge pump, oil inlet pump, vacuum pump, ROOTS pump.

A compact panel made of CRCA sheet to house all electrical control gears, isolating arrangements, starters, contactors, pilot push buttons, relays, indicating lamps, interlocking facilities Electrical wiring will be neat and will be routed as per good engineering practice, all wire terminations to be identified with ferrules, suitable bulbs for total skid mounted facilities, iillumination internally, switch gears will be of Siemens/reputed make.

The plant will be suitable for operation on : 3 phase, 400/440 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, AC supply. All motors and Motor will be direct on line, starter with single phase preventer cum overload relay.

The status of various components will be shown by indicating lamps on mimic diagram.


This annunciation shall be through audio alarm as well as through visual by means of light or any other reliable devices for the following areas in addition to other normal areas:-

  •     Inlet pump motor trip
  •    Outlet pump motor trip
  •    Vacuum pump motor trip
  •     ROOTS pump motor trip
  •    Low oil level in de-gassing chamber
  •     High oil level in de-gassing chamber

Design / fabrication of suitable absorption / percolation unit of multiple stages to achieve required absorption and filtration through independent bed of specially made fullers earth granules for treatment of Base Oils for manufacturing Transformer Oil for desired quality and specifications

The unit will be designed in such a way to integrate the main manufacturing facilities and meet the total design / output rate of filtration for double the output rate of finished Transformer Oil. For the purpose, two sets of absorbent columns will be provided, one set will be in operation and the other set will be as standby provision.

The outer body of the unit will be of MS painted with two coats of polyurethane paints over two coats of compatible primer of approved makes.

The internal arrangements of the absorbent / percolation unit should be so designed the same will be suitable for filtration / percolation as required for manufacturing of Transformer Oil of quantity / quality as desired by Customer.

The unit will be skid mounted and suitable for ready erections on the floor in line with other manufacturing facilities.

The following information are provided for the system offered by us:-

Total no. of absorbent tanks will be four with individual capacities of 30 kg each

Two No. of absorbent tanks in online process and two No as standby


HOSES- The facility will be provided with inlet & outlet oil hoses (each of 15 mtr.) of neoprene duly both ends flanged.

Oil handling systems will have following inter-locks :-

Inlet gear pump will stop when high level float switch operates

The outlet pump will stop when low level float switch operates

Painting: All un-finished surfaces of framework will be sand-blasted for due preparations. Suitable rust resisting primer will be applied on the interior and exterior surfaces of MS structure followed by application of two coats of durable paint suitable for base as well as binder for the finished coat. DIMENSION OF UNIT WILL BE : Length 3000 mm x Width 1850 mm x Height 2450mm(2100 +350)