Waste Oil Plant

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Parameters/ Model No. FE-1 FE-2 FE-3 FE-4 FE-5 FE-6 FE-7 FE-8 FE-9
Working Cap. 100L/H 200L/H 300L/H 400L/H 500L/H 800L/H 1000L/H 1500L/H 2500L/H
Rated Power 60 KwH 80 KwH 100 KwH 120 KwH 140 KwH 200 KwH 240 KwH 340 KwH 540 KwH
Vacuum Deg. -0.05-0.098MPa
Heating Method Natural gas/Gasoil/Coal/Power
Oil Heating Temp. 180°C-4600
Voltage 220/380V(3PHASE)
Noise s60dB
Dimension 5.5*1.8* 5.5M 5.7*1.9* 5.6M 5.9*2.0* 5.7M 6.1*2.1* 5.8M 6.3*2.2* 5.9M 6.9*2.5* 6.2M 7.3*2.7* 6.4M 8.3*3.2* 6.9M 10.3*4.2* 7.9M

Features & Advantages :

1.     Designed by our technical experts

FRIGMAIRES waste oil distillation plant is one of our newly developed products which combines several our latest technologies. It can rapidly extract different fractions from waste oil to remove water and i. light distillates and to eventually produce high quality base LUBE OIL continuously. In the meanwhile, those non-ideal components from waste oil such as Metal Impurities, Base Nitrogen, Sulfur Compounds etc. will be removed from the end product after distillation process.

2.     Frictional Distillation System

FRIGMAIRES waste oil distillation plant adopts our exclusive patent Thin-film evaporation technology,' combines with our unique Molecular Distillation System. It applies pure physical flash distillation technologies, even-heating and self-balancing flow, no damaging of oil substances.

3.     ZERO Emission and ZERO Environment Impact

With the fully closed distillation system, Vertical patented gas purification and recycling technologies ensuring ZERO pollutions to the environment.

4.     Built-up in the first class workmanship and superior parts

Every single Vertical distillation plant has passed the severe inspection procedures to ensure the best quality to be delivered to each of our customer.

5.     Precise Cut Fractions, producing high quality base oil with different viscosity b/t SN100 to

The final product out of this distillation plant is high quality base LUBE oil which can be used for producing various type of NEW ENGINE OIL by simply adding up our exclusive Additive Package.

6.    Highly automatic control system, Digital Monitoring and PLC

System optional. (APP monitoring under development).

7.     Extra thicker steel plates deliveries extra durability and safety.

8.    German Pumps and International standards parts


9.    High yield of output products ( Max. 93wt% output )


FRIGMAIRES used lube oil re-refining plant can be applicable to all kinds of different feedstock, typically as Used Engine Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Tire Pyrolysis Oil, Hydraulic oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Oil etc. to convert those used lube oil into high quality base lubricants as well as useful byproducts (gasoil, asphalt).

Parts list

1 Mixing motors 2 pcs
2. Steam generator 1 set
3. 3. Centrifuge 1 set
4. 4. Thin-Film evaporation column 1 set
5. Separation tank 1 set
6. Heavy oil tank 1 set
7. Condensation system 2 set
8. Oil storage tank 4 set
9. Vacuum distillation column
10. Gas buffering tank 1 set
11. Oil blending tank 1 set
12. Oil refining tank 1 set
13. Exhaust recycling system 1 set
14. Vacuum pump 1 set
15. Oil pump 5 set
16. Control cabinet 1 set

Comparison of FRIGMAIRES waste oil distillation plant with similar system from our competitors.

Difference FE Distillation Plant Distillation Plant from other suppliers Our advantages
Appearance Beautiful & Practical Cheap & Ugly Everyone prefers good designs
Running Method Continuous type Batch type Cost effective & Time saving
Catalyst Patent catalyst formula No catalysts or old catalysts formula Ensuring the best quality of the end product with low cost
Layout Scientific & Compact Rambling layout Ensuring the best performance and durability
Finish High-temp resistance coating Normal Painting & Ugly Color High temperature and corrosion resistance
Vacuum Pump Water-Ring Type Rotary-Vane Type Durable and low noise
Heating Method Power, Natural gas, Coal etc. Not available for buyer's options More options on buyer's hands
Quality of output oil Group1,2 standard base oil Non-standard base oil Best quality of output oil
Environment Impact Pollution free Air pollution with terrible smell Advanced gas recycling tech ensuring ZERO pollutions
Sulfur of output oil 1 Oppm More than 100ppm or even higher As good as virgin base oil
Output Either base oil or diesel fuel Can only choose diesel or base oil More options on buyer's hands
Anti-Oxidations No color changes of final product Oil will be black in a short time Color can be well kept for at least one year
Safety & Quality Control 5S and ISO certified No quality control at all International advanced manufacturing process
Safety & Quality Control 5S and ISO certified No quality control at all International advanced manufacturing process
After sale service Life time responsible One year limited service Lifespan after sale service to leave your worries behind
Coking Anti-Coking Technology Coking in distillation tower frequently Makes headaches away from you
Welding First-class workmanship, Ultrasonic Inspection Terrible workmanship with ZERO inspection procedures We only delivery you with superior product
Company Strength Invested with modernized facilities and standard procedures Local small factory with no guarantees for quality and after sale service our satisfactory is the only thing keeps us forward.

Why are most of our products cheaper than our competitors?

  1.    Mature Technologies and Skillful workmanship (We control every single manufacturing process and make sure
            it will be done perfectly in our factory with the lowest cost with the best quality assurance.)
  2.    Rational marketing and pricing strategy (We are not a nonprofit organizations but we only take the rational
           profit according to what we do.)

What is the byproduct out of FRIGMAIRES waste oil distillation plant, how do I dispose it?

The byproduct are usually composed by gas, water, oil sludge/residue. The gas is purified for emission or recycled as heating fuel; the water will be purified as cooling water; and oil sludge can be used for burning or as material for making asphalt.

What are the consumables of this system?

The only consumable is catalyst which dosage as 1-1.5%o. There is 1.5KGS of catalyst needed for processing 1 MT of waste oil.

What is the running cost for processing of one ton waste oil?

Taking an example of FE-7

  1.   Power Consumption: Approx. 240KWH =38.5 USD (It will be way cheaper if you choose gas/coal/diesel
           as heating source.)
  2.   Labor cost: Approx. 1 workerX 8HRS=20 USD/8MT=2.5USD/1 MT
  3.    Additive: 1KG=4.5 USD.
         TOTAL: 45.5USD for processing 1000L of waste oil


Water and Light Ends 7%
Light Gasoil 5%
Lube Oil 75%
Asphaltic Residue 13%


Characteristics Base Oil SN-150 Base Oil SN-500
Specific gravity at 15 °C 0.870 0.885
Viscosity, cst at 40 °C 25-32 90-100
Sulfur, wt% 0.20 0.25
CCR, wt% 0.05 0.07
Colour 2.0 2.5
TAN, mg KOH/g 0.03 0.05
Flash point, °C 220 260
Pour point, °C -3 -6
Metals, ppm L10 L10


Specific gravity at 15 °C 0.950 -1.050
Viscosity, cst at 40 °C 10,000
at 100 °C 80
Sulfated ash, wt% 3-4
Sulfur, wt% 1-2
Penetration, mm/10 at 25 °C 200-400
Softening point, °C 15-20

Residue contains high quantity of polymers and metals and can be used for asphalt blending, production of paving asphalt, bitumen protective covering or as fuel in the cement factories.